What is Turbo VPN, its Features and How to Use This App on PC & Mac?

Turbo VPN For PC

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Description of the application

VPN is a virtual private network that is usually used to connect to an outside network for unblocking the blocked website. The VPNs were previously made only for the desktop and PC devices but as of now, the demand for the internet is more on the mobile devices so there are VPNs for mobiles too. One such VPN is Turbo VPN which provides unlimited and free access to connect to the network of different regions around the globe. It is one of the best VPN clients for Android devices these days are is used by a whole lot of public on a regular basis. It provides you with free VPN proxy to unblock the blocked sites along with secure Wi-Fi Hotspot feature.

What are the features of this application?

Everyone wants an application that is full of features and serves all the purposes. Most of the people who are using the VPN application these days want every feature in the same application so that they should not go searching here and there for a single feature not available in the application. Here are the features of the Turbo VPN application.

  • Easy to search, download, and install
  • Application is lite in size
  • Fastest connections to the different regions around the globe
  • One tap connection to VPN Proxy server
  • Free Unlimited VPN Proxies
  • Helps in Bypassing the firewall to unblock the blocked the websites
  • You can browse anonymously and securely without getting tracked
  • Works with all the carriers such as LTE, 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi, and all other mobile carriers
  • Uses TCP/UDP to protect the data  

If you consider all the above features and compare it with the other VPN applications you will surely get to see the difference between other applications and Turbo VPN applications.

How to use this application on Windows and Mac?

Sometimes you like to see everything on the big screen rather than enjoying the content on your mobile device. Here, we are talking about desktops and computers. Like mobile the policies of the Internet for the specific website don’t change, similarly, there will be some sites which will be blocked on the computer too. You can use various VPN’s to unblock them. But wait, will you be able to run the same VPN which you are running on your Android Smartphone? Yes, you can do this by installing an Android Emulator on your laptop or personal computer. Bluestacks is one of the best Android Emulator you can use for this purpose. Here are steps on how to use the Turbo VPN on Windows and Mac.

  • Search for Android Emulator (Bluestacks) and download and install it on your laptop or personal computer running Windows 7,8/10 or Mac OS
  • After installing the emulator, launch it and sign in it with the Google credentials which will be required to download the application
  • After the emulator is launched, go to the play store and search and download the Turbo VPN application on the emulator. Download from here
  • Launch the application and after launching you will the various IPs and countries to which you can connect to. Choose a proper region with a proper ping and connect to it
  • Now you can enjoy the blocked sites by unblocking them on the big screen  

Follow the above steps to download and install the Turbo VPN application on your laptop or desktop via Bluestacks.

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