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Miracast For Windows PC & Mac Computers for 2020

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Watch it on your phone and your TV at the same time!

So you’re with a big group of friends watching a couple of videos or movies, whatever you feel like watching, but it’s on one phone… which can get a bit difficult. So your best option is to get the video on some other device, like a laptop, but surely it’s not going to be enough. The screen is too small, and there is too much of a crowd. Having a personal movie theatre is even better. But one thing you can do is reflect what is playing on your phone or laptop to your TV. How do you do this you may ask? Well it’s simple it’s called miracasting, and if you’re doing it from a laptop you will have to miracast for windows

What is Miracasting?

This is when you can show the same thing that is playing on one device to another. Miracast is a wireless way of mirroring anything from a smartphone, tablet, PC to a TV. With this, it omits the use of an HDMI cable. This is available on any Apple and Android device, it can either be accessed through the pull-down or pull up tab on the phone, or it can be done through settings. 

The pros and cons of screen mirroring

There are various advantages to this, but there can also be issues with this as not everything has it gains and costs. One of the benefits is that it can support any type of application or file formats that are going to be converted, or transferred to different displays. It is also much more cost-effective, as you don’t need any wires to be plugged in, plus they are costly. And once it breaks you would have to replace it, which would cost you more. But with Miracast you don’t need to replace anything therefore much more cost-efficient. Furthermore, it is easy to use. It is not a complex procedure all you have to do is choose the content that you want and transfer it using miracast. It is also very easy to set up using WPS, which will automatically configure the devices. 

However, there are cons to this as well, like the fact that audio devices cannot be used for a miracast. Only capable of video devices, speakers cannot be connected, so if you want to jam out to music it’s not possible. Miracast has been integrated to work for Android devices, therefore the instructions on other devices will be different, and could be complicated to follow.

How to use it for Windows?

If you want to use miracast for windows it is pretty simple, to add a wireless device you will have to tap on the “devices” on the screen, then tap “project” to add the wireless display, then choose what you want to display. If you want to disconnect from it do the same thing as you did when connecting, but click “disconnect” on the “project.” This is all you have to do, simple as that!

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