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How Can We Use Google Home App For PC?

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Google Home is actually a speaker that is smartly operated by using Google home App. It can be controlled through interactions and it provides us with services through voice interactions like news updates, it also provides services like music, weather report. To provide all these services the company has its own assistant, the Google Assistant.

The home automation is also a key feature that has been provided by Google Home. The home automation controls many things when it is connected to the internet. It controls the home appliances, lights, climate, music systems and also other entertainment tools. A few years ago it was been launched on November 4, 2016.

The Google Home App for PC is a way to control your Google Home device with the help of your PC. Now can we install this app in our computer systems? Let’s see!

How Google gives us assistance?

We are assisted by Google with the help of its own creation which is actually a virtual assistant that handles our task through technology this assistant is known as the Google Assistant.

The Google Assistant performs all these activities to keep us updated and entertained, also makes our task easier to handle our home appliances, and also takes control of the security systems like the fire alarms and also takes other safety measures.

 This all is handled with the help of the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). That also increases its decision-making ability with the help of machine learning process.

Use of Google Home App for our PC

The Google Home App is basically designed and developed for android devices but not actually for the use of PC. Yes, you connect your Google Home with the help of your Bluetooth and access to songs and music but those are limited to the functions what actually the application is providing us.

Google Chrome also helps us to access certain functions of the Google Home App but even the use of that provides the user with limited access only.

So, in this case, we can make use of the emulator. We need to first install the emulator in our device and then we can make use of the android version services on our PC as well. The settings and configurations will be required during the process of the emulator installation but the functions that the Google Home provides will be the same. So the use of the Google Home App for PC is now possible with the use of the emulator.

Suitable emulators for installation

There are many emulators in the market and you can get online when you search, but to install the suitable one for your purpose is required that actually matches your PC configurations. One of the very renowned emulators in the market is Bluestacks.

It basically helps you to run your android versions applications on your PC and Mac computer. It gives us access to many such applications which we can also use on our PC- WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Games like Pubg, Angry Birds, and Google Home App for PC.

In conclusion, there are many applications which we generally used on our mobile devices. But there are times when actually we also want to experience some of the apps to be used on a larger display. Like playing android games on your PC and experience the same gameplay on a greater resolution and bigger display.

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