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ABATE Legal Road Hazard For PC Windows (7, 8, 10, 10X) & Mac Computer Image Number- 3

ABATE Legal Road Hazard For PC Windows (7, 8, 10, 10X) & Mac Computer

Motorcycle enthusiasts making our roadways safer. was created and maintained by the ABATE Legal Services team to provide motorcyclists the ability to notify the appropriate agency of potential hazards in a timely manner. builds on the highly successful “little yellow postcard” that ABATE Legal Services has maintained for years. We believe that this foray onto the Web will facilitate the speedy notification of local officials and the rapid correction of those problems. We also hope that we will be able, on behalf of the ABATE family, to reach out to motorcyclists who are not members of ABATE and demonstrate to them the remarkable benefits that can come from being ABATE members. By filling out our simple form completely, you will be able to put the authorities on notice and save many innocent lives. At this time we include Florida, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois in this program, but hope to expand this service nationwide in the future. You can report roadway problems and hazards that adversely affect motorcycles using our simple notification form or, you can call us to report them at 1.800.25.RIDER (800.257.

Glob - LiveView Plugin For PC Windows (7, 8, 10, 10X) & Mac Computer Image Number- 7

Glob – LiveView Plugin For PC Windows (7, 8, 10, 10X) & Mac Computer

*** Sony Ericsson LiveView device is REQUIRED for proper work *** * After successful installation please ENABLE the plugin in its preferences – otherwise it won’t show in Plug-ins list on the device * * Glob – Traffic and Radar version 1.0.68 minimum is required for this plug-in to work. * This application is a plugin for Glob – Traffic & Radar. This plug-in allows to see alerts with large icons while approaching accidents, speed traps and traffic lights cameras. While driving you can also notify accidents and speed traps by pressing left and right keys. Use long press to notify for the other side. Extends:com.sonyericsson.extras.liveview. Extends:com.g-lob.plugins.

GPS Recorder X For PC Windows (7, 8, 10, 10X) & Mac Computer Image Number- 8

GPS Recorder X For PC Windows (7, 8, 10, 10X) & Mac Computer

It is a recorder that responds to comprehensive measurement environment such as research, work, drive and exploration. Preview function is also equipped. GPS logger & viewer. Although it is multi-functional, operability is simple so you can use it without hesitation even at the beginning of use. 1. Normal GPS measurement “Measurement accuracy”, “Movement distance”, “Measurement time”, “Speed (m / s, km / h, kn)”, “Altitude”, “Average speed”, “Maximum speed”, “Average altitude”, ” Maximum altitude “, can be recorded. “Resume” from the previous measurement record is also possible. Measurements can be run in the background. 2. Map You can check location information in real time on a map linked with “Google Map”. It also features “a function to zoom in and out in accordance with the speed” to make the map easier to see, and a “single screen function” that always allows you to check all the range of movement on one screen. When you set the destination, the distance to the destination, the direction, the time required for arrival are displayed. Searching for a destination corresponds to a keyword search by address, shop name, space delimiter. You can aim at your destination with a sense close to navigation. We also correspond to offline maps created by original, 3G line is unnecessary. It is also available from mountains and the sea where 3G lines do not reach. It is possible to acquire the image of the map from the gallery. It is also possible to import the map by acquiring the kmz file of the attached file from the mail. Offline map auto switch switch installed. 3. Complete memo function by written memo, voice memo, camera The taken note is completely linked with the position information. Since the file name of each recorded memo is “date time and position information”, it can be judged even by a single file. The contents of the memo can be reconfirmed along the trajectory of movement. Memo information from “written memo” “voice memo” “camera” can also check the position information as the address. Mail can now be sent individually with location information. 4. Stuck to the simplification of memo function. In order to enjoy notes easily from the destination, “written memo” has a function that can be recorded with one touch. “Voice memo” can set the automatic stop of recording in seconds. As much as possible, support memo life easily and easily. It is perfect for using for work. 5. Preview function installed Recorded data can be reproduced in a presentation formula by “preview” or reproduced with “GoogleMAP”. Graphical display of “altitude” “speed” “distance” is installed. Even during measurement, it can be confirmed even after measurement. 6. Corresponds to various environments by setting A) Research, collection of various information. B) Full-time full-time, long-term measurement record. C) Detailed measurement record for a short time. Changes to various settings can be made even during measurement. 7. Enhanced data transfer function “Recorded position information”, “written memo”, “voice memo”, “photograph of camera shooting”, “analysis information from GPS measurement”.

遅延証明書 For PC Windows (7, 8, 10, 10X) & Mac Computer Image Number- 9

遅延証明書 For PC Windows (7, 8, 10, 10X) & Mac Computer

各鉄道会社の遅延証明サイトに素早くアクセスして遅延証明書を取得するためのアプリです。 取得後は他アプリケーションと共有し、印刷やメール添付等が可能です。 対応鉄道会社 ・JR東日本 ・東京メトロ ・東京都交通局 ・西武鉄道 ・東武鉄道 ・東急電鉄 ・小田急電鉄 ・京王電鉄 ・京浜急行電鉄 ・京成電鉄 ・相鉄 ※順不同 ※上記以外も順次対応予定です 非対応鉄道会社 ・京成電鉄(遅延証明書がFlash Player Plug-inでの表示であるため、現時点では対応せず) 使い方 1. リストから所望の鉄道会社を選択する 2. 各社の遅延証明書サイトにジャンプするので、路線を選択してください 3. 遅延証明書が表示されたら、右上の共有アイコンをタップしてください (Android 2.X以下の場合はMENUから) 4. 共有先アプリ一覧が表示されるので、添付したいアプリを選択してください 4.1 証明書をメールに添付する場合は、SPモードメール等のメーラを選択してください 4.2 印刷したい場合は、画面上の印刷ボタンを選択せず、プリンタメーカーが提供している連携アプリをGoogle Playでダウンロードしてから共有アイコンをタップしてください(EPSON, Canon, brother等各社提供しています) 動作確認済み連携アプリ ・SPモードメール ・LINE ・Facebook Messenger ・Facebook 不具合報告、改善要望、ご感想などは下記にお願いします。 [email protected] 既知の不具合 ・特になし ※このアプリは、各鉄道会社とは何の関係もありません。アプリに関しての問い合わせを各鉄道会社にしないでください。 ※各鉄道会社のサイトが変更された場合、不具合が発生する可能性があります。 ※各鉄道会社のサイトが混雑している場合(台風や雪の日の朝など)、情報が表示できない場合があります。 本アプリケーションはjsoupを使用しています。 jsoupはMIT Licenseの下で配布されています。 This application is using jsoup. jsoup is distributed under the MIT license. 免責事項 作者(concerto.develop)は、貴方、その他の第三者が本ソフトウェアに関連して直接間接に被ったいかなる損害に対しても、賠償等の一切の責任を負わず、かつ、貴方はこれに対して作者を免責するものとします。 Terms of Service You understand and agree that the Services is provided to you on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis. Without limiting the foregoing, CHIENSHOUMEISHO AND ITS PARTNERS DISCLAIM ANY WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR NON-INFRINGEMENT.

Driving Test Track For PC Windows (7, 8, 10, 10X) & Mac Computer Image Number- 10

Driving Test Track For PC Windows (7, 8, 10, 10X) & Mac Computer

With the state-of-the-art RTO Gujarat application; take an appointment for Automated Driving test in just a few minutes! The application is engineered brilliantly enabling the Smartphone users (in Gujarat state) to take “online appointment” for the Automated driving test in their respective RTOs (Regional Transport Offices) from anywhere and at anytime. Some of the salient features of this application are as follows: • Handy and quick tool to ‘book an appointment’ with the RTO (in Gujarat) for Driving test. • Viewing the “Available Time Slots” for appointment becomes as simple as a tap on the device. • Booked appointment can be easily viewed with just a tap on the Smartphone. • It can be used from anywhere; even while you are travelling and at anytime.

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