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Bluestacks is probably one of the prominent emulators to run Android & Windows & Mac apps smoothly. Whether you run a PC, you can still run Android Apps on your Computer. If you use Mac, you can run Windows and Android Apps and Softwares on your Mac.

According to the official tags of Bluestacks, Bluestacks 4 is 6x times faster than Samsung Galaxy S9 and on the recent (updated) release of Bluestacks 4; they focused heavily on Mobile Gaming Experiences on Android. They claim to be the fastest Android Gaming platform in this world.

So, why you should be using Bluestacks? Let’s figure the benefits out first before stepping into the method of using it on your PC Computer or Mac.

Features of Bluestacks 4

  • 8 Times faster (in loading and apps running) than any other previous Bluestacks app you are using right now.
  • Like we mentioned above, its, even more, faster than the Samsung Galaxy S Mobile phone and the OnePlus devices. Even though being an Android Emulator; Bluestacks made an insane and impressive improvement in recent days.
  • Game controls are much easier now. You can use the default control system or customize the existing features, the choices are endless.
  • Multi-instance mode enabled so that you can use different Google Play account or same game on a different account.
  • Onscreen controls. So it is easy now to see the Keyboard Shortcuts on the go while gaming.
  • Bluestacks partnered with top 150 game developers of this world along with some if the world’s best gaming platforms like MSI, Intel, AMD, Qualcomm, and Samsung.
  • It tweaks your graphics automatically to give you much smoother gaming and apps usage experiences.

How To Install & Use Bluestacks 4 on PC & Mac?

Step 01: Click on the link below of this line and download the latest version of Bluestacks and its Bluestacks 4.

Step 02: Click on the Installer file that you have just downloaded on your Windows Machine or Mac Computer.

Step 03: While you are working on the Installer File; you might get a message like “BlueStacks Installer” is an app downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?” – in this case, just click on the “Open” button.

Step 04: Click on “Install Now” button. And don’t forget to check the “Accept Software License” located just beside the big Install Now button. You may enter your Mac password if you are on a Mac. Installation in Windows PC is much more painless though.

Step 05: Once the installation is complete; Bluestacks will automatically be launched on your PC and Mac. The first boot might take a couple of minutes. But the booting process becomes way faster later when you run this software 2nd time on your PC .

Step 06: After your fist Blustack booting is done; its time to sign in to Bluestacks with your Gmail. Use your Gmail ID and Password, then click on Next. And this process will automatically sign yourself into the Play Store account as well.

After signing in; you will find a “Google Play Store” icon (follow the image below) on the screen of Bluestacks. Just click on that “Google play” icon and it will redirect you to play store ahead.

Step 07: Search your favorite apps or games on the Play Store and start downloading and using them on your PC or Mac from now on.

You are done installing the Bluestacks on your PC & Mac and even you can log in to your Google Play store account automatically and successfully.

Now enjoy exploring the apps and download the Android games you would like to play from your PC or Mac.

Surprisingly, Google knows that you have signed in to another Android Device and ask you to update the Apps on that device.

Here is the message –

Hi (your name),
Welcome to Google on your new OnePlus OnePlus5
Take the final steps to set up your OnePlus OnePlus5 and try these official Google apps.

The Android System (Device) that bluestacks installed for me was “OnePlus5”. 🙂


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