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Movies in the sky 

Long flights are the worse, being stuck in the air for over 12 hours and having to make connections two to three times can get exhausting. And it’s even more exhausting when there are screaming kids on the plane. A couple of hundred people just exhausted as you are waiting to reach their destinations is all that everyone wishes for. So to kill time the best thing to do is watch a movie or a couple of movies at least. But when you watch anything on your device you also want to be protected digitally as you are most likely not in your country anymore. So cyber safety is very important. That’s why you should get Airtime Player, now you can get it easily on your mobile devices, but Airtime Player for PC is a bit more time-consuming. Let’s take a look at how to do so.

What is this app? | Features

Before downloading this let’s take a look at what this app really is. This is an app that was created by Global Eagle. If you want to watch movies privately and safely, then this is the app for you. So after you downloaded you can watch any movie you purchased beforehand. You will have to connect to the airline entertainment portal to access it and then you are good to go.

How to download it for a PC

So you can easily download this app on the app store or the Google Play store, but if you want it for a PC there are a few steps that have to be taken in order for you to gain access to this app. First of all, you would have to download the Bluestaks 3 emulator, so it can be compatible with your computer. After the installation, you will have to download the Airtime Player APK and have it saved it anywhere which is easy for you to find. For you to install it you will have to click on the install button which will be at the bottom right of the Home tab. This will take you to the Windows Explorer, from there you will have to navigate to the APK file you saved. Then open it with the Bluestaks 3 and it will automatically install Airtime Player App. Once the installation is finished click on the icon and you’re all good to go. If you have any inconveniences during this process there are plenty of videos online, and there is a guide in the Bluestaks 3. So no need to worry. And remember to do all of this prior to your boarding. 

The pros and cons of this app

This is app is great if you want to watch movies internationally overseas, and as it is private it is even better. However, even though this app may seem legit and amazing there are some difficulties along the way. Like how it says you have to access the airline entertainment portal, which some people do not understand what it is, and how to access it. Therefore they are left in the dark and it is absolutely useless. And sometimes this app can crash, which is not a good sign. But if it works then you can enjoy all the movies you want. 

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