About Us

We, a group of tech lovers with a different kind of expertise (like some loves mobile, some are more concerned with the SaaS and Apps and some loves interesting tech facts); recently started this blog to share our expertise with the world. Throughout our life; we have worked with technology, health, politics, business, musics, traveling, education and history and so on.

So, we decided to put all of our expertise in one blog so that people from all over the world can learn a bit from us. This is not a venture, but an attempt to share what we know with the world who wants to know. 🙂

Please use the search box from the right sidebar to get the topic or articles you are looking for. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any kind of query. (the contact info is at contact page)

So, keep in touch with us and share our content in FB and Tw which we really appreciate.

Thank You.

Robert A. Keller
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